From 24th to 26th of May 2019: Full Yogic Cleanse “Shankaprakshalana”

— Spring is an ideal time to clean up, let go of the past and allow space for renewal —

Culturally we clean our body on the outside, but what about cleaning ourselves on the inside?

The full yogic cleanse or “Shankhaprakshalana” is a simple and effective method that thoroughly cleans the entire digestive system from the mouth to the rectum and thus evacuate accumulated toxins. It improves the general condition and health status by restoring a healthy intestinal flora, vitality by acting on the well-being and clarity of thoughts.

Since our birth we have not stopped to eat more or less adapted food, it has resulted in an accumulation of waste and toxins in all the successive walls of the digestive system which has a major effect on greatly reducing our ability of absorption, purification and natural purification. Moreover, at any stage of our digestive system, muscular tensions appear, emotional knots are created and mental disturbances can appear, greatly diminishing our capacity for lucidity and happiness.

Already thousands of years ago, yogis recognized the benefits of this technique by making the bacteriological life of the body and the very important role played by physical and mental nourishment in the accumulation of disturbing toxins of the intestines that affect the functioning brain, moods and the mind.

Beyond the words and the theory, go in the beautiful and benevolent setting of Chival, a little paradise, surrounded by mountains, forests and invigorating rivers. During a weekend, Marie will guide you through this simple, powerful and beneficial technique. With joy and letting go, come open the doors of your renewal.

“Only in quiet waters do thing mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” — Hans Margolius

 what does the technique consists of?

In order to purify the entire digestive system, warm salty water is ingested, followed by a five-posture practice. The salt water dissolves the waste, while avoiding being absorbed by the body, and effectively cleans the walls. The postures, accessible to beginners, allow the relaxation and the internal massage by pressure on specific areas, facilitating the saltwater path and allow to carry out the cleaning process in consciousness. The technique allows the opening of the sphincter valves from the mouth to the anus, until the accumulated waste is removed and the water is expelled until it becomes clear.

After a period of relaxation, a suitable meal will be taken and can be consumed during the day to replenish a resilient intestinal flora. Specific food will be maintained for one month after the practice to keep a sustainable balance.

 beneficial aspects
  • Improves general health
    Alleviates digestive problems such as: poor digestion, gas, acidity, constipation
    Tones the liver, organs and glands of the digestive system
    Epure the blood, reduces skin problems, makes the complexion clear and the eyes bright
    Strengthens the immune system
    Relieves asthma, chronic ORL disorders and sinusitis
    Improves sleep
    Removes body odor and gives better breath
    Makes the mind clear and more precise
    Removes physical tensions, emotional knots and induced mental blockages
    Bring joy, vitality and enthusiasm
    Awaken the latent energy in us
    Rebalances the body in all its dimensions

The practice is not recommended for pregnant, lactating, menstruating women, and people prone to ulcers, salt-free diets, high blood pressure and extreme fatigue. This practice can not be a substitute for any medical treatment.



Formula in the stonehouse: in a shared room of two or four people, with communal bathrooms and all the comfort in the renovated stonehouse of more than two centuries.


Formula in individual tent in the forest: We provide nature spots to plant your tent, guaranteed wild immersion. There will be outdoor solar showers and dry toilets.

 places of practice

The place has a beautiful and chilled room to practice in the stonehouse, a library conducive to rest and learning, a large kitchen to share meals and culinary workshops, and a practice space in the heart of the forest.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” — Leonard Cohen.

                       Marie Karuna   
                       Yoga teacher
               Co-creator of Chival

 price and subscription


The retreat includes

  • 2 Nights in shared room of 2 or 4 people or in tent
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner adapted to the practice
    1 opening circle and preparatory yoga class
  • 1 intention workshop
  • The shankaprakshalana practice
  • 2 walks in consciousness
  • 1 fire closing circle
  • Package does not include:
  • Bed linen (90cms) and towel
    Annual membership for the association (free and conscious price)
       190€ IN STONEHOUSE
       160€ IN TENT

Your registration will be validated upon receipt of this form and receipt of a deposit check of 30% of the total amount. The rest can be paid on site upon arrival.

In case of financial difficulties, you can contact us in order to find together the best solution adapted to your situation.

Discover how to get to Chival here.

“This practice is most secret. One who perfects this with great effort acquires a divine body.” — La Geranda Samitha