Classes & Workshops

Under the sun of the hinterland of Nice, Marie offers weekly yoga classes in:

Roussillon on Wednesdays from 17.15 to 17.15  in the kindergarten
La Tour sur Tinée on Wednesdays from 19 to 20.30 in a communal hall
Touët-sur-Var on Saturdays from 10.30 to noon in the youth room

The weekly classes are Hatha Yoga, which allows you to work the body and the mind, to the rhythm of each one. Classes start with warm up, salutations to the sun, followed by postures which are held longer periods, to end with breath techniques, concentration, visualization and meditation. Sometimes we also practice the yoga of sound, chanting of mantras and recitations, exercises of purifications, and yoga nidra.

From January 2019 there will be pre and postnatal workshops at Chival one every two saturday, starting the 5th of January.

“Pregnancy is the most wonderful creation in the universe.”

Prenatal yoga offers a natural alternative to those who consider that pregnancy can be lived in a maximum of well-being, for the couple and for the baby.

The practice helps you feel better in your body, learn to breathe in the best way for your pregnancy and delivery, manage stress and anxiety, to relax and learn to “let go”.

Yoga tends towards the harmony of the body and the spirit. Does it not mean Union?

In short, a course will provide:

Exercises to relieve your back in everyday life
Postures to give more space to the baby
Breathing techniques to develop a better balance between body – emotions – thoughts
Relaxation techniques to relax
Practical tools to live your pregnancy and facilitate your delivery
More relaxed and aware of your feelings, your baby will be happy and at ease.

It is possible to attend a prenatal yoga class/workshop from the second trimester of pregnancy. The future dads are very welcome to the class.

If the workshop dates are not suitable I also propose individual sessions at home. Contact me here.